Left Bank Cinq: This week’s Top 5 French Songs

It’s been a hell of a week for music–mostly because we are absolutely overflowing with quality submissions, and while there are only 24 hours in a day, I’ve conceded to spending most of my weekend getting up some of this new music that I’ve recently discovered. You all deserve the very best.

Special Friend – “Before”

Erica (drums, vocals) is from Minnesota, USA; Guillaume (guitar, vocals) is French. Both immersed in the local Parisian indie music scene, they formed the band in a studio in the suburb of Montreuil, where they recorded and mixed the songs themselves. They played their first concert after 4 months of existence at Supersonic in Paris, and a year later, they recorded their first EP. 

VIQ – “Orbit”

This song makes you feel like you’re in a trance, or perhaps on a Seine boat tour with beaucoup de champagne—in the best kind of way. The tune isn’t pretentious and doesn’t try to do too much, it’s just a solid track from a French producer who makes music that he wants to hear. And, you can’t get mad at that.

Mirage Club – “Communication”

French trio Mirage Club has brought a gorgeous dance-pop tune to the planet with “Communication.” Full of irresistible disco and playful new wave melodies, the track channels some quintessential French artists that we also love, like Phoenix and Daft Punk.

TSHEGUE – “The Wheel”

I am absolutely obsessed with this track and video from TSHEGUE—it’s full of this sick afrobeat, and the music video is shot in gorgeous black and white starring the Kinshasa Club Etoile Rollers. Shot in Kinshasa (Congo), this music video is exactly what Left Bank seeks to represent. Give it a watch below x

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