Sounds: bdrmm // question mark

I might start crying as I type this review. This track is so damn good. So damn pure. So, ugh. Where’s my bottle of wine?

By now, it’s little to no secret that the best music is coming out of Hull (seriously, who wants to argue with me? It’s a fact), and bdrmm just helps me prove my point.

Their new single ‘Question Mark’ was released digitally and as a 7″ as part of cult shoegaze label Sonic Cathedral’s (Echo Ladies, Spectres, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete) Singles Club series earlier this month.

“Being told you’ve done something wrong and believing you’ve done something wrong are completely different things. ‘Question Mark’ came from that realisation.” – Frontman Ryan Smith

Just poetry.

Saving this tune for a rainy day, or just like, every day if you’re me lately. Listen to it below x

Image by Sam Joyce

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