Sounds: Palm Spiral // Only Shadow

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been one crazy week after another, I won’t lie, but it’s SO nice to open up an inbox of tunes and come across little gemstones like this one.

Palm Spiral is the collaborative effort of Los Angeles-based musicians Camden Moser and Nathan Guzman, who were both involved in separate projects and living thousands of miles apart prior to this project starting. Ah, cue a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie and all the feels.

Camden, a recent college graduate planned a move to Los Angeles, and simultaneously stumbled upon Nathan’s genre-bending SouthPavv via Tame Impala’s subreddit. After a series of exchanges through Instagram, the two began Palm Spiral, birthed out of mutual love and respect for the psychedelic-pop landscape.

It’s too much for my black New York heart to take.

And the tune “Only Shadow” reflects that love and serendipity of the project — with smooth vocals, dreamy, shoegaze instrumentals, and something akin to an aural hug. I’m gushing over here. Listen to their new tune below, and guys, if you’re reading this, keep sending us your music! xx

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