Sounds x Marble Arch // Moonstruck

The beginning of the video for Marble Arch’s “Moonstruck”, directed by multimedia artist and musician Vinyl Williams, feels like you’re tripping out in space in some psychedelic trance. Part otherworldly video game, part multi-dimensional faux reality, the colors are mesmerizing and take you along on a melancholy musical journey. 

The pop-art dream element is taken to the next level and is very fitting of the vocal and instrumental stylings of Marble Arch. 

It’s easy to get lost in the dreaminess of this tune as Williams makes you feel as though you’re inside of some alternate universe. The landscapes and hodgepodge of visuals guide the viewer, as the song offers an array of different musical layers, with synth padding and ethereal, nuanced guitar effects. This video will certainly leave you “moonstruck” (couldn’t help myself) and feeling as if you’ve been transported to another galaxy, far, far away (again, couldn’t help myself).

Watch the new video below x

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