Sounds: A Skater’s Paradise (a bomb a*ss list)

Y’all knew this was coming. We added the skate/surf section to the site a few months ago because the nature of our vibes (music, street art, photography) fits well with skaters, and most of our crew of writers know their way around a board or two.

So, this playlist is a LONG time coming, and inspired by this new tune by Jay Marwaha, I realized it was time. It’s TIME. Go pull out your bandaids, find your scuffed up Vans, and turn this up (Spotify playlist below because, #convenience).

Jay Marwaha — “Sitting in the Park”

This tune from British-Indian born artist Jay Marwaha is a beautiful hip-hop remix of the classic Billy Stewart “Sitting in the Park” track (which already just kills). It’s one of those tracks where Marwaha completely makes it his own — you can turn on Stewart’s original or listen to this new track, and they both go hard in their own way. Is it Sunday yet, because this track has blessed me. So many props to Marwaha.

Dronefighter – “Getcha groove on”

Sometimes I skate to hip-hop and just feel like a total badass, othertimes (usually when next to a beach or some body of water), I like to take things down a notch. This tune from Estonia’s Dronefighter is that—upbeat tempo, and catchy as hell, but also serving island vibes hard.

Dronefighter’s recent release, “Getcha Groove On,” is an excellent example of the duos vision and ability to create a punchy, direct sound. This track has a fresh approach, but its sound is also warm and retro-inspired, particularly tipping the hat off to the unique vibes of the 80s, and the era’s fascinating pop culture. The gated drum tones, the hooky synth lines, and the lush harmonic layers are part of the magic that makes this one truly special.

Ali Horn – “Dreamers”

Straight of the plane from Ulyanovsk, Russia, Liverpool-based Ali Horn released this dreamy, shoegraze track “Dreamers”, as the follow up to his critically acclaimed single “Modern Voodoo.”

Dreamers is the sound of dreamy, psychedelic summer seen through a Kaleidoscope (noticing a common theme here). Catch him in October on his British tour.

Pickpockets – “Breaking Point”

Pickpockets is 4-piece indie-rock band from Brighton, that has put out a killer of a garage rock track in “Breaking Point.” It’s full of urgent instrumentals and punk rock vocals that make you wish you had your longboard when you were on holiday in Brighton. Vibe out with them and their new tune below.

Ready Now – “Go Ahead”

Yes, yes you do remember being an angsty teenager, listening to West Coast punk and coloring your hair to look like a box of fruit loops. This tune “Go Ahead” from Philadelphia-based alternative rock/pop-punk group Ready Now channels all of that angst that you forgot you still had. Get out that board. Go on.

Renwick – “Learn to Let It Go”

21-year-old Sydney-based musician Renwick has made the ultimate skating along the beach tune with “Learn to Let It Go.” It’s all about letting go of anxieties, in this case, around relationships, stating “I don’t know if I can love you all the time.” It’s all downhill from here y’all.

Indigo Daze – “Turquoise Yawn”

Slowing it down just a bit, this shoegaze track and debut single from Chicago-based band Indigo Daze is what I think about when skating through Oregon or along the Cali coast. It’s not like listening to hip-hop trying to swerve through New York traffic, it’s easygoing. It’s the good life. Plus, Indigo Daze is made up of longtime friends, so the good vibes are even more apparent.

Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

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