Sounds: Death Instinct // Secret Gardens

I’m on the floor again 
same place as when you went away 
sometimes I watch the rain 
and think of all I could say 

Sweet mother of Sisters of Mercy, Pittsburgh-based post-punk outfit Death Instinct speaks to my heart like an emotional breakdown that leaves you feeling oddly cathartic afterward.

The jarring bassline and deep vocals hit you in a spot that only bands like only a few bands can (here’s looking at Joy Division or The Cure), and that guitar around the 4-minute mark is enough to make a grown woman cry. I can’t make this shit up. It’s 1 am and I’m drinking coffee in my Brooklyn apartment, thinking about putting on Public Image on the record player because Death Instinct has awakened something dark, lonely, and sad in me.

It’s a good thing—some people don’t have feelings at all.

Listen to the absolute knockout tune “Secret Gardens” below.

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