Sounds: Mai 麦 // Motorway

The rhythm of Motorway brought to mind a long journey on an open road in search of Arcadia. Robin Parmar’s abstract visualization of this suits the mysterious feeling running through Arcadia 2. 

Got this gorgeous acoustic new tune in from Shanghai-based Mai 麦 (pseudonym for the composer/musician/producer Steve McCourt). Originally from Dublin, the artist now lives in Shanghai and makes beautiful wide-screen music from electronic and acoustic instruments. The video for “Motorway” encapsulates this trend to the psychedelic and is full of bright colors that make you feel as though you are tripping inside of a color wheel.

He recently completed a pair of albums on the titled Arcadia, the second of which is soon to be released on Stolen Mirror.

When making these I had an idea in my head about a journey in search of Arcadia in a future world where nature is becoming more and more scarce. Maybe it’s first sought after through technology (VR, biotechnology, etc.). Maybe eventually a place on Earth that no one knows about is found…maybe something even more mysterious. It’s a vague narrative that I leave open to the imagination.

From the forthcoming album Arcadia 2, the second of a 2 part series of albums released on Stolen Mirror, watch the video for Motorway below.

Video by Robin Parmar:

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