Sounds: Religious Life // work of art

Nothing like listening to a tortured artist with 80’s synth vibes on a Sunday morning. Built on nostalgia, and a strong post-punk and new age foundation, Chicago-based Religious Life has put out this new track “work of art” that makes me a) want to dance and b) want to watch every movie ever made in the 80’s.

The tune is full of textured, droning synths, beats that move without becoming the center of attention, and aloof but urgent vocals that skew towards the impressionistic.

The point in invoking these influences is not to exploit nostalgia: it is a recognition that uninfluenced music is impossible; influence must be consciously taken up and worked through. 

The incorporation of contemporary techniques (Religious Life often samples his own synth, drums, vocals to warp and retexture them) is an attempt to make whatever is appealing in these palettes new again. Breathing new life into the Left Bank, listen to “work of art” below.

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