Sounds x Art: Ducks! // Delivery

“Do you deliver me from evil things… or just deliver them to me?”

Ready to get your dance on? Berlin-based Australians Ducks! (Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan) have put together this absolutely killer electronic track with pop-art collage visuals that make this video deserving of both our music and art categories. Take that, Picasso! Eat that, Warhol!

Delivery is an explosion of noisy xylophones, busy shakers and joyous singing and shouting, a weird indie disco party whose mood starts out great and gets better.

Director Reuben Sutherland’s pop-art video perfectly translates Delivery’s sonic world into the visual realm, a riot of lazy consumerism assembled from the rejected scraps of our distracted culture. Brb headed to Amazon …

Photos & track artwork – Harriet Richardson 
Video – Reuben Sutherland

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