Sounds x Ryvage: Program

Ryvage (pronounce revaj) means ‘shore’, and is the moniker for electronic musician and producer Samuel Reinard since 2017.

“My homebase Luxembourg is landlocked. It can be claustrophobic to live in such a small country. To me, making music is like driving to the sea, sitting at the shore and contemplating the horizon. It is a safe and beautiful place where you can be in the moment and let your imagination go wild. I also like the idea of being on the threshold of two worlds or elements. The Pythagorean y, replacing the i in ryvage, reflects this inherent duality of our existence. Ryvage oscillates around contrasts, change and escapism.”

This new video was directed by Ted Kayumba and is stunning and provocative, and unbelievably conceptual—Kayumba and Ryvage are an ace team. Watch it here x

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