Sounds: School Disco // Caught in Space

The three-piece School Disco are out with their latest single ‘Caught in Space’ in hype of their upcoming debut album, and no doubt constitute that said hype in the form of this high energy track. The Brighton-based band have been making significant headway in the last few years. Having supported Wolf Alice in Tavistock and seen the release of two EPs, these guys have now been directing their efforts into the birth of their first upcoming album.

‘Caught in Space’ takes the form of both a heavily Sci-Fi inspired sonic journey, and an assault on climate change denial. At its offset, cosmic sounds prevail against heavy grunge hooks, overall causing a spaced-out chaotic soundscape. The amount of fuzz and psychedelic vibes coming off on this track are mind-blowing. Let yourself get far into this track and it begins to feel like an outerbody journey, further marked by its adequately lengthy five and a half minute playtime. The fused themes of ‘Caught in Space’ are so perfectly paired, its starts to reverberate into the beginnings of a cult-like proposition and we’d be happy enough to sign up if that means more of this mind-boggling extra-terrestrial journey.

If you want more (and why wouldn’t you), go explore School Disco down below:

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