Sounds: Bollard // On & On

Awake for days, fixated on a common, well worn phrase, the silence fades

Hailing from Australia, Bollard’s “On & On” starts out with hardcore Sonic Youth vibes, and I’m so not mad about that. Their new tune blends a wide variety of influences both musically and culturally—it’s got 90’s west coast rock vocals and post-punk instrumentals that are sent from Heaven. Or Hell, depending on how you feel about things.

From beginnings in the backstreets of North Melbourne to turning heads with chaotic shows all the country, Bollard has spent the last two years developing a distinctive sound that blends heavy guitar work with subtle melodic structures.

Visions come… and it goes on and on, and it goes on and on, well it goes on and on…

Listen to the tune “On & on” below.

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