Sounds: Monograms // Don’t Fight For It

Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed “nuke wave” band Monograms recently released their latest track “Don’t Fight For it” out on Paper Cup Records this July.  The track, which highlights the bands dark synth-rock sound, is a solid throwback to the 80’s and could easily be seen on the Stranger Things soundtrack.  Full of dark, brooding lyrics and chorused-out guitars, the track is reminiscent of Depeche Mode meets Interpol.

The band, comprised of Ian Jacobs (vocals/guitar), Rich Carrillo (drums), Michelle Feliciano (synth) and Sam Bartos (bass), gives the listener exactly what it wants in this day and age of frustration … an angsty 80s throwback with present-day Brooklyn edge.

The track starts out with a laboratory of analog synthesizers and a hypnotizing drum groove, disguisedly optimistic-sounding.  Once Jacobs haunting vocals come in, however, the listener quickly feels the chill of the tracks dark presence. Jacobs sings:

“I can’t see you, you can’t see me.  What’s it got to do with anything.”

Monograms will release their debut LP “Living Wire” on September 20th via Papercup Music.  Check out their latest single “Don’t Fight For It” below:

Featured photo by Kevin Condon.

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