Sounds: Post-punk bands you need to know

I’m dark and broody about 95% of the time, and to that end, the tunes that I curate for you all on the Left Bank tend to skew heavy towards the post-punk and shoegaze genres. Which is good if that’s what you are into, obviously. Not so much if you’re looking for pop. Which some people like I’m told.

I’ve put together a very non-exhaustive list of post-punk bands that have come on my radar recently and are worth following/paying attention to.

The do not’s – “I dreamed this dream of being with you

The emo song title and uber-goth music video put The Do Not’s on this list. The music video is like The Addam’s family filmed on the Oregon Coast, which has to be my millennial goth version of heaven. Noisy yet gentle, The Do Not’s walk the fine line between blurry and massive post-punk—bringing shoegaze sounds and a black & white touch of darkwave and electro—while constantly composing and creating new tracks fulfilling an inner need.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Secret Shame – “Calm”

Lena, the singer of Asheville-based band Secret Shame, explains the band’s 2016 beginnings: “If I couldn’t sing or play music, I would tear my skin off.” Doesn’t get more punk than that. Secret Shame resurrects a moody deathrock style that swept through the 80s, as Lena’s vocals cut through dark atmospheres created by the band’s gigantic, reverb-soaked sound, building to cathartic lyrical moments. Listen to Calm below.

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