Sounds: Teal Moss // Day One

There’s something about bedroom pop that sets my idle days with feather-heaps of little indulgences. I plug in Teal Moss, watch the hazy blues and greens of my window view, and float away for a few minutes of a warm afternoon. These are my favourite parts of listless days, in part thanks to the vibes supplied by Steven F’s dreamy project in the form of the single ‘Day One’.

The Los Angeles-based artist is a remarkably versatile producer, writing, producing, and performing with other artists for a considerable time, whilst also putting out personal works online under various names. Teal Moss is where we’re currently at, and it captures the fleeting feelings attributed with bedroom pop: heartbreaks, loneliness, moving on; yet typically existing just as small ponders touched upon for the brief intervals of seemingly empty thoughts.   

‘Day One’ is so spot on for embodying these feelings. Its slow pace and drawn out notes enter a lull of sound that leaves the whole body in a dreamy sway. Matching this subtle beauty of sound and vibe is a music video animated by the NYC-based artist Megan Armstrong. These sounds and visuals compliment each other perfectly, literally forming a spaced out aesthetic suited for the daydreamers.

‘Day One’ is the fourth song on Teal Moss’ first official album. You can check the video out down below:

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