Sounds: The Frownsss // Zanatras

MY god I love The Frownsss.

Featuring unconventional recording techniques, 4 track tape machines and early punk, psych and pop influences, this band is everything I wish I had during my 1960’s prom. Which, obviously didn’t happen because I am a millennial, but that doesn’t mean that reincarnation and time travel aren’t real and that I have the potential to come back in the 1960’s. Anything is possible right?

Dan Lean and Liam Eaton are the creative brains behind the two-man project birthed in late 2018 through the artist-run collective Electric Possum Records. A completely collaborative process in the studio has made little room for restriction as The Frownss jump from fuzzed-out garage rock to psychedelic folk, pulsing soundscapes into the sometimes unnerving lullaby territory, with sweet borderline falsetto vocal pop hooks.

Welcome to your ’60’s daydream Left Bank’ers —

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