Sounds: Charley Young // Hold the Moon

It’s Sunday night (or if you are reading this east of New York), it’s early Monday morning, and either way, we all have way too many emails left in our inbox to get through, and Facebook messages we’ve been avoiding, and text messages from potential dates that we should get back to.

This new tune by Charley Young is the perfect track to wake you up just a bit so that you can get everything done. It’s so damn catchy, and features a nostalgic Zedd instrumental, which I can’t get enough of.

Born in San Diego, California and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florid, Charley always loved to perform for people. She has performed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, in the White House, and at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, D.C. all before graduating high school. I know, really makes you think about what you’ve done with your life. Like me, I’m still in my pajamas.

Let this tune inspire you to get up off your butt and get some work done (or at least change out of pajamas, like me). Listen to it below x

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