Sounds: Good Service // Summer Muses

A psychedelic collage of summertime, easter bunnies, wrestling videos, and videos on top of videos, this music video for Good Service’s “Summer Muses” is how my dreams look—awake and also asleep.

The band managed to make a catchy-as-hell indie rock track with hardcore surfer vibes, and with the help of Henry Austin (Director, Editor, Producer) along with Cody Stack, Wilder Nicholson, Hector Magana, and Noah Fardon, they’ve made a video that matches the vibe of the tune completely. It’s neurotic and fun, weird and oddly makes sense, it’s what this summer has been almost as though they are here with me, in my mind.

It’s the good DIY video that you wished you could make; and the kind of track you wish your vocal range would allow you to achieve.

Some people are better than others. And you know what, I’m ok with that. Watch the video for “Summer Muses” here.

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