Sounds: Super Paradise // Feel

Super Paradise are the self-defined Dream Garage band whose blend of genre really needs to be heard. The band’s founders, hailing from Milan, have brought their sound to London, followed by two successful singles prior to their latest release. Taking a slightly different pace from their adrenaline boosting sounds, Super Paradise are now out with their current summer single “Feel”.

As you might imagine for a song title of this calibre, “Feel” is what it is; sounding with the intention of producing the abstract sensations that arise from listening to a piece of music. What Super Paradise do with this track is a mini exploration into playing with these sensations through their determined genre that melds garage into a dreamy haze. Its slow tempo works to gradually bring out a slow roast to the brain; full of distortion spit roasted and slowly turning and turning into a spaced out and tranced scuzzy result.

I went loud when I listened to it. Naturally, you don’t have to, but you’d be missing out on a pretty sensational experience.

Check it out down below:

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