Sounds: Acid Fader // LAIN

We’re taking some serious interest in Acid Fader at the moment. The Monterrey-based band have a sound that borrows from the electronic corners of the web, bringing in aspects of New Wave, Synth-pop, and Dark Wave. As part of their debut album 1998, Acid Fader have released the third and final single titled “LAIN”

“LAIN” as a song is ethereal electronic; melding the slower paces of Synth-pop and Dark Wave to create a cyber-punk-esque journey. It sonically begins with soundscapes akin to locomotive movement, as though one were driving a cyber-charged highway as pulses of sound break up the gloom of a standstill outer rim. As we go deeper in the track, we become presented with detached vocals that fit perfectly with the track’s music video produced by Erik Hasan. The themes of gradual detachment into becoming a machine fill track with an almost philosophical overarching aesthetic that feels both incomprehensible and alluring.

Check it out down below:

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