Sounds: Martian Subculture // All Emotions Are Equal

Someplace out there on the unfamiliar planes of Mars, Evan O’Malley is taking one huge chill pill and emitting some very wavy music under the moniker Martian Subculture. Initially hailing from Quin, Evan is out with a single following the release of the prior single “Hard to Remember”. Now out here with “All Emotions Are Equal”, we’re presented with a pysch-pop track strung all the way through with a wave of upmost chill.

“All Emotions Are Equal” is a bright and chirpy expression of Martian Subculture. The constant vibrato of guitar strings makes the whole track feel like floating on frequencies in tune with an embodiment of bliss itself. As we’re presented with listless and dreamy vocals, it’s easy to just feel the bright vibe of what this track is. Take a trip outside, leave the ego behind, and enjoy being.

Go check out Martian Subculture down below: