Sounds: Lofi Legs // Lifesucker

San Francisco’s Lofi Legs delivers a zany, uplifting indie rock delight with their new single “Lifesucker”. The song is a little bit manic and a little bit melancholy, borrowing as much from indie rock bands such as Pavement as they do from the Cure or Tom Tom Club. The main lick is as quirky as it is inviting. Lofi Legs consistently subvert the expectations of a listener. Rather than going with the overused artistic device of pairing negative, depressing messages with uplifting music Lifesucker stares down demons and tells them to piss off. The main theme of the song is how time literally steals life away from us, Lifesucker does not devolve into an existential crisis. The song rejoices in the slipping of time, using the thief of life as a motivator to make the most of the existing moments. There is so much pure joy in Lifesucker sections of it honestly feel like the theme song to a classic kids show. Think Rugrats, all grown up. Paris Cox-Farr’s voice passionately stabs through melody giving the track just the right aggressive punch to balance out it’s levity.


Lofi Legs are Bay Area DIY gods capable of conjuring music that gives you all the feels. Their two EPS and new album Lamb run the gamut from love ballads to kick ass party tunes all infused with the wacky, wild inventiveness that makes Lifesucker so loveable.


Time keeps on slipping. Spend it well. Listen here now



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