Sounds: Russian Baths // Tracks

Holy hell! I can say that, right? When you first listen to Russian Baths “Tracks,” you’re hardly prepared for the massive attack of distortion and feedback that introduces you to the 4m:17sec whirlwind of sound.

The vocals kick in and at first, it’s surprising at how sultry and melodic they are, when you expect a lion right out of the gate. You can immediately tell that this band, whose members consist of Jess Rees (guitar, vocals, keys), Luke Koz (guitar, vocals), Evan Gill Smith (bass) and Jeff Widner (drums), are influenced by elements of grunge and post-punk with a slight twinge of some psychedelic synth-pop.

The drums really drive the intro of this song, with the guitars plugging away at a frenetic and then slowed down pace. The song gives way to more subtlety during the verses, but as the chorus flares up, a rebellious mixture of heaviness that is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine shines through.

This is the type of song you play late at night while you’re driving down a dark road, expecting something to jump out in front of your car. Except you wouldn’t care if that happened because you’d be in the middle of zoning out to a killer tune and wouldn’t even be phased. 

Listen to “Tracks” below and catch them live Sept 10 and Rockwood Music Hall, and Sept 21 for our buds Monograms album release show.

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