Sounds x Premiere: Star 80 / Fear of Girls

“We’re really excited about the EP. I think all the songs are really spirited and alive and have something interesting going on in terms of the subject matter, lyrically. I’m pretty unimpressed and unhappy with myself most of the time and I feel really good about this so, that’s saying something I guess.”

IM FREAKING THE F*CK OUT RIGHT NOW. Where are my knickers?! Where is my head?! Where has Star 80 been all of my life.

Holy shite.

I am beyond pleased to be sitting in a treehouse, listening to the new tune from our buds Star 80—who played the Left Bank Summer Fête earlier this summer, and just crush the music scene in Brooklyn. But beyond the treehouse, which is expertly lit thanks to natural light (#nattylight), is this track “Star 80” that has completely undone my cool.

Have you ever come across a band and thought, yeah these guys rock, and then listen to a track of theirs, all mixed and perfectly mastered and think, how do I know them? How do they care about my project? How are they so humble? That’s how I feel about Star 80.

The garage rock track is So. Cal in the summertime, it’s the Clash in Brixton on a cold spring night, it’s Public Image Ltd. reincarnated, but on a few ‘shrooms. It’s an instrumental and vocal hypnosis that is becoming a common thread in the Brooklyn music scene.

“With this song I wanted to take the perspective of an isolated and disturbed young man, an Incel type character who is maybe on the verge of some violent act. A lot of the lyrics are based off of Elliot Rodger’s manifesto. Exploring this subject matter, despite how upsetting it can be, seems like a worthwhile thing for a band to explore. The random violence doled out by these types of characters is a constant in our lives now, so it seems like as good a thing to write about as any to me. I also like having some darker and more loaded, potent lyrics hidden inside of a really high-energy, propulsive song.”

And aren’t we all so lucky that the track is officially premiering on this here old little site today, for your aural pleasure? Straight from their upcoming 4-track EP Entertainment Company, here is “Fear of Girls” …

Catch them tomorrow night in Brooklyn for their EP Release show at Trans Pecos with our buds Trash TV, Matthew Danger Lippman and Holy Wisdom.

Cover image Savannah Lauren

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