Sounds: Baseball Gregg // The Breeze

Admittedly we tend to go for a slow and dark track here on the Left Bank, but every now and then we need to change things up.

This new tune off their forthcoming album Sleep, feels like what Ruby Tuesday or some shoreside restaurant would play during the afternoon, while couples or families ordered salads and Mai Tai’s. It’s just cute, you know? And Zelma Stone’s soft voice is reminiscent of Zoe Deschanel, in the kind of way where you just feel hugged by a track. It’s that feeling you get after having a good date or going on a nice walk by yourself in a summer afternoon.

The Stockton, California-based is made up of Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan, who met in Bologna five years ago while Sam was studying abroad in the city. They produce records together during summer and tour as Baseball Gregg with their own live bands in Italy and United States, which is such a lush set-up. Almost like a long-distance band that is the setting for a movie, I’m convinced.

Listen to the knockout of a summertime track, “The Breeze” below.

“Sleep” comes out on August 3 via Z Tapes + La Barberia Records.

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