Sounds x Premiere: High Waisted Acid Tapes Vol 3 videos

Hey friends on the Left Bank! I hope you are all super well-rested from the holiday weekend (if you’re in the US) and not as groggy and half-dead as I am. But it’s cool, because my buds High Waisted have just released four new videos HERE. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

Cue Fatboy Slim.

Formed in the spring of 2014, High Waisted is a famed NYC surf rock band with pop sensibilities and an affliction for rock and roll. Fronted by the absolute babe Jessica Louise Dye, and backed by Jono, their new Acid Tapes Vol. 3 is 60’s garage rock covers that are the perfect way to end the summer.

“I created the videos to feel like a collage, meshing beautiful and unusual imagery matched to each cover’s theme to create a video visualizer.” —Jono Bernstein

The “You Showed Me” High Waisted cover of The Turtles kills me. Lead singer Jessica Dye’s ethereal falsetto and sultry vocals bring out innocence and also sexiness that is undeniable. It’s kind of High Waisted’s thing—powerful and strong and sexy, with a small level of girlishness that makes it all feel accessible. Aspirational. Cool.

The ‘Loving You’ Johnny Guitar Watson is a psychedelic wet dream—married with a mesmerizing music video that makes me wish I went to film school. Or, just knew how to use technology enough to make cool visual shit.

The track takes me back to my time in the Midwest, with blues clubs and soulful tunes, and people who sing of love and sadness.

We stay in the 60’s with their cover of The Flirtations’ “Nothing but a Heartache.” The video is fun and slightly sexual, and nostalgic of a time that was in some ways much easier than present day. Which, one could argue isn’t hard to achieve.

They close out Acid Tapes Vol. 3 with a fuzzed-out cover of “Blue Flower” by Mazzy Star. Personally, this is my favorite of the tracks and videos; reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain. I listen to “Blue Flower” and feel like High Waisted just gets me. It’s slow and sexy, fuzzy and slightly sad; it’s how I feel inside at any moment of any day.

The group is known for organizing and promoting their own shows in unexpected locations such as yachts, warehouses and rooftops. Because, NYC. And lucky for you they are going on tour—see them in your city x.

Continuing the fun, the band will be releasing Acid Tapes Vol. 4 later this year—on October 18th—along with a show/party at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

We look forward to creating this series every year as a way to tear apart songs we love to better understand them.  This process always inspires us to write more of our own material. There’s going to be some special surprises on the 4th edition” – Jessica Louise Dye on Acid Tapes Vol. 4

Tour Dates

9/13 Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY

9/15 Brighton Bar, Longbranch, NJ

9/16 Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA

9/17 Milestone, Charlotte, NC

9/18 Georgia Theater, Athens, GA

9/19 The East Room, Nashville, TN

9/20 Trim Tab Brewing, Birmingham, AL

9/21 JJ’s Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN

Featured image by Kelsey Wagner

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