Seen x Event: Slow Burn NYC

I had the pleasure of talking to Julia—one half of the artist curatorial duo behind Slow Burn NYC—to discuss her upcoming event, the inspiration behind the series, and how she’s so damn cool.

We started doing large scale pop-up art shows and [after] we graduated school, and [had] a hard time showing our own work. It’s all very DIY or very established.

Their upcoming event, THE COME DOWN: Portraits & Sobering Truths will be held in a large photo studio in Bushwick, and is a group show based around ideas of introspection and dark epiphanies about the world today and gender and coming into one’s own. It’s all about “dark truths and moments of realization“, and will be an unveiling of vulnerable revelations of today’s economic, environmental, consumer and cultural climate.

Our real goal [is] to get the word out to as many artists, creators and thinkers as possible who haven’t had success finding an outlet outside of the elite, standardized and traditional art institutions of the NYC gallery world and want a platform to share work in a collaborative environment like ours.

This group show is the third in the Slow Burn series: Nature Technology was the last show (fall 2018), and their first event was Text Versus Image: Elements (fall 2017).

“We are both artists and we collaborate a lot and we wanted a space to show our work and we wanted to do the same for other artists”


Alexandre Edenne & Mathias Leonard | Amy Barr | Angel Davila | Annie Eodice | Brianna Morel | Camelia Azar | Cristina Villegas | Ellen Hanson | Gal Senderowitsch | Jackson Epstein | James Hsieh | Joe Leib | Jordan Jacobs | Katie Pellico |Lily Primamore | Lydia Nobles | Mariel Rolwing Montes | Martín Carrillo | Molly Hulnick | Matthew C Kramer | Nastya Valentine | Nico Augustine | Nicole Pollina | Olivia Peters | Patrick Mannion | Ryan Albert | Ryan Morris | Sara Minsky |Sierra Rivers Hollister | Sophie Sumney-Koivisto | Stephon Senegal | Vanessa Holyoak | Ximena Preito | Xinyi Hu | Alyssa Friedman | Clio Sherman | Jana Gharzeddine | Kate Davis 

Come hang with Left Bank and Slow Burn on Sept 14 for The Come Down. The event is free and will include a cash bar, works for sale, aura reading and tattooing.