Sounds: SYML // Meant to Stay Hid

SYML never fails to tug on heartstrings. As you listen to “Meant To Stay Hid,” how could you not get the feels from the guitar arpeggios, as the ghostly tone of another swoons in the background. Those accents with the swell of synth padding make for a somber instrumental and even more so, lyrical subject matter. It’s easy for your mind to go into the deep recesses and really reflect while listening; that is, if you’re someone like me—when lyrics really hit me in such a way, it’s difficult to ignore the pull. 

It’s no surprise that musician Brian Fennell hails from Seattle, Washington. His moody tones and approach to songwriting may seem stripped down and bare, as his artist name might imply, SYML meaning “simple” in Welsh, but that’s not the case.

His stylings are more complex than one might think and with lyrics like, “Can’t remember the smell and I can’t recall the taste, but I try everyday. If I wasn’t so afraid, I’d shine a light up to space. Then my soul could be strong enough to see your face. One more day,” he creates a heavy mood. He could be speaking of a long lost lover, or perhaps someone who passed on from this life. However you’d like to interpret it, doesn’t matter. Bottom line is that this song will leave you as affected as the crooner himself. 

Listen to it below.

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