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We are so happy to share this new On the Road feature (new for us, not so much for the band who completed their tour a few months ago). WASI celebrated Pride Month on their “LOVE IS GAY” tour, where they worked with LGBTQ youth centers around the country at every tour stop. They met with kids in each city and talked to them about music, art and above all, spreading a message of pride and acceptance.

And yet, despite that empowering message it still took me AGES to get this up. My inbox is a dark and scary place.

WASI is an indie pop meets alt-hip-hop band based out of Los Angeles, CA. They’ve built a following based on the contagious energy at their live shows and write anthemic pop songs that speak to the truth of an outsider. Read their tour diary below:


Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you is key. This was definitely the case for the LOVE IS GAY tour. We went with our friends Lucy & La Mer and Polartroipca to play shows around the west coast for the LGBTQ community – and at each show we donated a $1 per ticket sale to the local LGBTQ center.

The tour was so much good energy that there were times where we were like “Um.. are we working hard enough?” 

We got to meet so many rad, queer human beings from Denver, Salt Lake City, all through the Pacific North West and Northern California. 

We did something different with our live show this tour. This run, we did an electronic dance twist to our live set with Jessie on electronic percussion. It was definitely different and fun! Gave us more room to dance around and let loose, which I feel like was totally appropriate for the PRIDE atmosphere. 

The first show of the tour we were supporting Lucy & La Mer as backup singers for her So Far Sounds Denver show. Our first live band show was Denver as well and that was a hit. 

We stayed with some amazing families on the road and we are so grateful for those who housed us! 

Our nightly routines consisted of yoga, hydration and kai massages. The morning would consist of Ihue (Polartropica) blasting The Little Mermaid soundtrack or ‘90s pop to get us up. Here are a few photos from our trip:

Basic beach photo is San Francisco (as if we don’t live in Southern California)

Solo dance party


Happy Pride

Queer gym

Queer gym dedicated their workout to our band! They did Riot Pop squats, had our music playing for warm up an dduring the workout and had our music video for RUN playing through the workout as well!

No Cat Call Zone stickers

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