Sounds x Premiere: DRÄGER // Wolf

“Baby I know what you want, you take me to the edge and you push me off.”

I don’t know about you, but this week has been an epic configuration of absolute tomfoolery. It’s been primarily a lot of lows — lows on lows on lows— but I won’t lie, this new video from Dräger really turns things around.

Dräger’s latest “Wolf” is their second single (the first on Cell Laboratories). Lyrically, the song is about “the cat and mouse game of dating” says Draeger. Full of lo-fi 80’s vibes, the “Wolf” music video is a neon sandstorm that belongs on MTV. Dräger’s dance moves, catchy vocals, and hypnotising synths are enough to pull you out of whatever funk you are in.

“Dating is like a card game and we all respond to social cues and assume everything rather knowing anything. I think anyone who has gone on a date knows how quickly the roles of power change and how sometimes you’d take all the torture just to get her/him in the end.”

Built for the dance floor, Draeger’s soaring vocals glide over the pulsing synths and drums, and puts you momentarily into a state of ecstatic bliss. Don’t believe me? Fine. Watch it for yourself.

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