Sounds: 4Vesta // Full Spectrum

Have you ever listened to the first 5 seconds of a track and say, “this band gets me?” That’s exactly what 4Vesta’s “Full Spectrum” does for me, and if you’re a fellow #sadgirl, you’ll totally feel the same.

Inspired by the Boston-based band Loveless, Brooklyn’s 4Vesta brings forth similar dark and atmospheric shoegaze tunes. They are an example of a shoegaze band that is new to the scene but has staying power. In the Brooklyn circuit, I would put them in the same vein as Russian Baths or Big Bliss, which for a band that has just released their first EP, is pretty damn good.

The amount of pain and sadness that is expressed in the track is aural hypnosis—you’re moved to the point of crying, but also you can’t stop listening. That’s what 4Vesta does to you. And, I want more. Need more.

“Full Spectrum” is the second track off of their first EP, Light & Chemicals.

P.S. After going down a shoegaze rabbit hole, I found this roundup of the 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time, and while Pitchfork definitely doesn’t need any more traffic, I had to share this with you all. Enjoy x

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