Sounds x Elio: Babyfool

“Baby you are cool to me, I don’t want to be the fool that falls for you”

Elio is the talented duo of Nacho Cano and Drew Straus, who go by the monikers of Harmless and Onsen. Together, they’ve teamed up to create “Babyfool,” a sugary production of synth and drum machine goodness.

Luscious, lovelorn lyrics add to the heavily effected (reverbed and slightly delayed) vocals of Cano, as he declares, “Love is such a loser’s game, baby still wanna play. To make me feel like I’m in your way, how could you do that to me?” Regardless of the lyrical content, the song still makes you want to jive and move your body, even during its more subdued moments. 

It’s so simplistic in its approach and those who are into lo-fi and new wave synth-pop, can appreciate this for all that its worth. During the breakdown, it’s easy to relate to Cano, as he writes off the object of his affection, declaring, “I don’t care where you are tonight. I don’t wanna go, but I can do without you. You should know, that I can do without you,” with such unapologetic ease.

He’s right, he’ll be just fine. So will Onsen. They’ve got a killer tune to show for it, after all. 

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