Sounds x Premiere: Chris Gale // Wait Until Tomorrow

This new tune from Chris Gale gives you all of the good vibes and all of the feels that you need after a week of working your butt off.

The Los Angeles-based musician has been a working musician his whole adult life (playing in piano bars and composing for sync). The level of technical skill is apparent in the track—the lyrics are wrought with passion and love. I’m all for a DIY fuzzed out track that sounds like it’s been recorded inside of a coke den, but there is something so refreshing about hearing an indie-rock tune that has the mechanics of a well-written pop song.

This moody song is inspired by subtle sci fi filmmaking, like Children of Men and Blade Runner, where we’re given clues for how the world is put together but no full exposition. Little lyrical details paint the picture of a place much different than our own – “they say we’re too far East for this,” “you’re better off with all those dance card numbers I know you’ve kept.” All amidst the story of the impatience of new love. “How can we wait until tomorrow when we’ve already waited for today?” —Chris Gale

While he’s flirted with being in a band, and is working as a professional musician, this is the first time that he’s putting himself out there as an artist; we all remember the first time we shed our tough exterior and put out art. It’s painful, and sometimes, not pretty. So, Chris, if you’re reading this (which lol I hope you are since we are premiering your track!), you’re doing great. Your vocals are refined, and “Wait Until Tomorrow” is the exact kind of tune a 30-something millennial needs after a day of hustling. So, thank you.

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