Sounds x Weekly Mixtape

Hey everyone on the Left Bank! The week is almost over (praise be) and to get you in the spirit to kick major a$$ before the week ends, we’ve put together this new playlist. Enjoy x

Pheeyownah – “Scent/Sweat

This sexy track from Sweden’s Pheeyownah is what you get when you mix R&B with electro-pop or chill house. “You’re taking up space, won’t you give me my space” is repeated in the tune, which hits so hard that this track honestly belongs on repeat. Perfect for a nice long car ride, or sitting in a dark corner trying to focus at work, “Scent/Sweat” is the official tune for fall. I’m calling it.

Timi Afilaka – “Fall Apart”

Bringing in some of those Bloc Party vibes with a chill vibe that you can find in a reggae or surf rock track, is this new tune “Fall Apart” by Johannesburg-based artist Timi Afilaka. The track brings in a lot of influences while making it all its own—you’ve got a quintessential post-punk bassline, Hawaiian/Bali beach vibes, not-quite-rapping-but-close vocals, and indie-rock guitars. The layers seem like a lot to take in, but I promise, Timi does a great job of making it work.

The Last Origin – “God Keeps Calling

Let’s turn it up a bit, with Kentucky’s The Last Origin and their new tune “God Keeps Calling.” It’s a track about life and death, and ‘not being ready to go just yet.’ Tied within psychedelic guitar chords and fuzzed-out vocals, the tune confronts mortality in a fun, and sexy way.

It also shows that there is a lot left to want (or need) from life—and feeling comfortable acknowledging that. If you need some inspiration for living, or just going that extra mile, booking that extra vacation, turning off your phone and reading, this track is good for that.

Odd Relics – “Matrimony”

I’ve been on a Bloc Party kick lately, and the opening instrumentals in this tune by Odd Relics remind me a lot of old Bloc Party, meets Ministry of Sound. The moniker of Florida-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Squillace—who is the drummer for Sub Pop recording artist Yuno and one half of the indie-pop duo LANNDS—Odd Relics, is the band you wish you had on your last bad day.

The track “Matrimony” is one of those dance tracks that you start playing, and instantly want to get up and sashay around the house, or if you’re confident enough, around the block. I just feel so sexy, and equally relaxed while listening to the tune.

Odd Relics have a way of building an audio narrative with their music, producing a not-entirely pop track; it’s pop, it’s dance, it’s indie-electro, it’s dream-pop. It’s addictive. And, fun. Listen to the solo debut of Odd Relics below.

Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

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