Sounds: Burning House // If You Won’t

Bless my little 90’s alternative loving heart. I think it just awoke to the sounds of Southampton’s Burning House’s “If You Won’t,” off the UK band’s latest full-length album Anthropocene, a MIOHMI Records release.

A ‘Burning House’ trope runs through some of my favourite films: Tarkovsky’s ‘Mirror and Sacrifice’ and Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York. Also, around the time I noticed this I picked up REM’s B-sides/rarities collection ‘Dead Letter Office’, and several tracks had ‘Burning’ in their titles.” – Aaron Mills

Members Aaron (vocals), Ruby (guitar/vocals), Dominic (drums), Patrick (bass), create this fuzzy guitar driven nostalgia that will make you want to break out the flannel, vintage band tees and your old CD collection. Dare I say it, but this unit reminds me a of a more ambient Smashing Pumpkins, with a hint of some Dinosaur Jr. type influences. 

The production has this cleanliness that contradicts the lo-fi nuances, creating a perfect balance. I tend to notice the drums most, not that I’m biased or anything (I’m a drummer). Here, they provide a consistent and steady, dance-vibe beat that gives the song more of an uplifting feel. What I noticed over all with the guitar sound is the grittiness of the layering, while the main guitar has this melodic and easy tone. The guitar takes you through this sonic journey and ride over the drumbeat playfully, as the bass chugs along in the background, while helping to keep everything on course.

Listen to it below.

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