Sounds: LACES // Moved

“There’s a solace when you come for me. Make the pieces fit, like it’s meant to be.”

Instantly, the mood that LACES (Jessica Vaughn) vocal stylings create, takes you to a darkened room, candles lit as you’re made to experience the exact same pining over a lover, whether you have one or not. Vaughn’s cadence implies a haunting and pleading urgency, as she sings, “Tell me the truth, make it a good lie. Take me away into the midnight. Hurting me hurts until it feels right…” 

The mellow tone of the piano makes for a lovely accompaniment, as a pulsating bass line drives the song and serves as its heartbeat, giving it life and more breadth. The drums also add for a more dramatic effect as they really give the song more energy and edge. Overall, the instrumental helps tell the story, as it provokes this feeling of a somber love tale.

If a song can make you feel something, in any sense of the word, it’s done its job. If it can also make you feel as though you’re going through the same thing, even when you’re not, that’s a pretty amazing feat. LACES “moved” accomplishes just that. You’re on this roller coaster of a romance ride, right alongside her. 

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