Sounds: Keplar // Spilt Milk

Over the next few months, you’ll start to see an increase in tunes from British bands over here on the Left Bank. I’ll be preparing my big exodus to the UK and while doing that, discovering (and sharing) a lot of their homegrown bands. Homegrown. I can say that right? Like grass-fed?

Based in Canterbury, Kent, Keplar is a garage rock band that brings forth urgent tunes that put them in a ‘new iconic’ category. They aren’t quite Ty Segall, but they are getting there. “Spilt Milk” came straight out of a garage and integrates a lot of surf-rock vibes that we hear from bands from New York basements and the West Coast.

But, instead of keeping the tune at 11 the whole time (here’s looking at you The Orwells), Keplar weaves a soft interlude throughout and then ends the track with heavy psych vibes— putting them in a class of their own.

Not mad at it, folks. Not mad.

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