Sounds: Darkplay // Sexual Dependency

This is going to sound dark, but if a funeral was held inside of Berghain with taxidermied animals, and guests in neon tutus, “Sexual Dependency” is what would be playing on repeat. The tune starts out with a Bauhaus-esque bass, but as soon as the vocals kick in, you can tell that you’re going for a ride; and it’s a bloody fucking party. Toto, we aren’t in Seattle anymore.

Welcome to Darkplay: a collaborative indie/darkwave band fronted by Sergio A. Soto and Maxwell McDonald. They first made music together as members of the indie rock band Cold Violets in 2015, but by 2018, they wanted to explore a darker sound with gothic and post-punk elements reminiscent of their favorite bands from the 1980’s.

The tune “Sexual Dependency” is deviant, fun, cathartic, and contagious; it’s the tune you play on before a first date, or a funeral, maybe even a wedding (which I would akin to the same thing). Listen to the tune below, and hear all of their sexual dependancy and deviancy in their new full-length album Worked Up, released September 13, 2019.

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