Sounds: Day & Dream // Paralysis by Analysis

If anyone has ever experienced anxiety over a new relationship, new job, or opportunity (either wanted or unexpected) you have almost without a doubt experienced paralysis by analysis; it happens to us angsty creative types more often than we would like to discuss. Which is probably why instantly the track “Paralysis by Analysis” by Day & Dream caught my attention.

“The song was inspired by dealing with family members and friends that feel stuck in life — those that overthink things and take no action — hence the title of the song.” – Day & Dream

The dream-pop tune embraces you like a hug, allowing Cocteau Twins-esque vocals to inspire and influence you to make a move—or at the very least, to help you feel ok in your paralysis.

The Asheville, North Carolina band met in New York City, where they fell in love and began collaborating on a new artistic project (Abby’s roots are in California 60s coastal pop, while Peter’s is post-punk grit).

It’s difficult, because the lack of decisions by the ones closest to us, sometimes affects us in a negative manner, resulting in holding us back from doing what we must do in life.

It’s a tough subject to take head-on, but the tune “Paralysis by Analysis” helps ease you, or whoever may be going through a hard-go of decision-making, into understanding a situation, and feeling okay about it. Listen to the dreamy track below.

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