Sounds: Kaanvas // Happy

I’ll start this out by saying that we don’t normally go this slow and dare I say, happy, but this tune by Kaanvas really stuck out to us. Maybe it’s the Midwestern spirit in me, or the reference of Illinois in the vocals, but Kaanvas, you’ve made it to the Left Bank.

The moniker of midwest musician Mark Crews, Kaanvas is an alternative rock band, that at times feels borderline ‘hard country’ … is that a genre yet? The track explores the constant need to be happy—or appear happy—when you genuinely don’t have it in you. As artists, we have all been there, and as yesterday was world mental health day, it’s really appropriate, and a good time to share.

I try to hard to seem happy even though I know I’m not
Its so hard to seem happy when this world never stops

Listen to his tune below.

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