Sounds: Taciturn // Playing God

Forget what you have heard or know about punk/noise-rock, DC’s Taciturn is the only band you need to know. They have been heavily covered on Left Bank, and for good reason: Taciturn is the reincarnation of every quintessential DC punk band that bled your ears back in the day.

Off of their debut full-length album Punk Death, “Playing God” is an aural expression of an innermost struggle that hasn’t been resolved. Natasha screams over and over “You’re playing God” across noise rock guitars, a heavy, yet not-quite-metal bass, and drums that hammer into your soul.

It’s too much and not enough all at once, and when the 5 minutes and 9 seconds are over, you wonder what the hell just happened, and how you can die inside of a basement orgy with Taciturn playing live. Listen to “Playing God” off of their debut album (linked below) because, why just give you one Taciturn track when you deserve to hear them all.

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