Sounds: The Criticals // Good Lookin

You heard it here folks, Nashville is getting louder. Much much louder.

Nashville, TN-based rock band The Criticals (Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart) cover sex, drugs, and all kinds of loud rock and roll in their new tune “Good Lookin”. Full of raucous antics and a teenage energy, “Good Lookin” reminds me of how I feel everytime I get turned away from a sex club in New York because I’m not young or leathered enough. That happens to you right?

Lyricist Parker Forbes writes about a dream of the band at a disco in San Francisco. Mimosa Hygiene, Mona Lisa replicas, and pink stilettos describes this futurist Bay Area night club where anything is possible.

Combining the influences of Rolling Stones, The Strokes and The Libertines, which you all definitely hear in this tune, the Nashville outfit brings us a modern pop/rock sound with a vintage appearance. Their tunes are infectious, and early 2000’s nostalgic—listen to “Good Lookin” below.

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