Sounds x Premiere: Shadow Monster // Punching Bag

Holy hell today is the day! I am beyond thrilled and honored to share this new album from Brooklyn-based indie duo Shadow Monster. The new album Punching Bag follows what is honestly an epic music video and lead single of the album, and is out today on Dadstache Records.

With Sonic Youth-influenced guitars and a strong narrative of strength throughout heartbreak, Punching Bag is the album that we all needed after that first breakup. Hell, I still need this album now.

“Punching Bag is an album about betrayal and isolation. It’s about being so heartbroken that you lose yourself. It’s about depression and loneliness, anxiety and panic. It’s about a hunger so insatiable and unshakeable that a part of you has to completely die in order to move on.” – Shadow Monster

Backed by drummer John Swanson, guitarist and vocalist Gillian Visco channels heavy and honest emotions a grunge heavy (and moshable) guitar. It’s No Doubt “Tragic Kingdom’ for the gritty, sad girls of Brooklyn.

Mixed and Mastered by Brian Speaker at Speakersonic, listen to Punching Bag below and celebrate their release October 24th in Brooklyn.

Photo Cred: Matthew James; Album Art by Alexander Glueck

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