Sounds: Baula // February 2018

Baula’s “February 2018” is that post-punk break-up track that we didn’t know we needed.

The Swedish / Icelandic duo (made up of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg) formed back in 2015 and played some killer gigs, including some during Iceland Airwaves—so you know they are the real deal.

“I tried to avoid the streets that we walked together. I tried to avoid the things we enjoyed together.”

The tune “Baula” immediately brings you in from the very beginning, with its infectious vocals and urgent drums. It doesn’t feel like a sad song, because if you can look past the lyrics, you find yourself doing nothing but tapping your feet to the beat, and wishing you could play bass. The vocals are set in an angelic soprano that is both haunting and heavenly—removing you from the mundane and bringing you into the narrative of an incident in February 2018.

“We started after we played together in a theater comedy. We thought we would continue to be fun, but really we only had a lot of sadness that wanted out. Two sad clowns.”

Whether you’re happily in love or looking for a feel-good breakup tune, “February 2018” is the answer.

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