Sounds: Blade Palace // Tone Deaf

Have I died and woken up in a basement bar in Germany, or is Blade Palace a thing of my dreams?

“Tone Deaf” starts out with an almost haunting, loop of bass and drums that instantly pulls you in—waiting to hear what happens next. The energy of the tune turns up once the vocals begin, literally giving you a full stadium, atmospheric sound of all-entrancing garage rock. And, why wouldn’t they? I’m of the mind, that any band from Seattle BRINGS IT. And, the Seattle-based band Blade Palace let’s you know that Seattle is still not to be fucked with; Seattle still has it, they’ve always had it, they always will.

The tune “Tone Deaf” is just enough post-punk for the #sadbois, just enough psych for the stoners, and just enough dance for the club kids, if we want to package tunes into little tiny boxes. And all of that to say, it is very very rare for a band to put out a tune that almost everyone can enjoy. It even gets a little jammy at the end, and somewhere Jerry Garcia and Ian Curtis are nodding their heads in mutual appreciation.

It might sound hyperbolic but it’s true: Blade Palace knows their way around their instruments, and have the skill, energy, and courage to blend musical influences into their sound, and make a genre all their own.

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