Sounds: Ian Ferguson // Worried Walk

“Worried Walk is a song about that feeling when you’re aware you are having an emotional and mental meltdown. It’s about that feeling when your mind takes off, all on its own. You try taking a walk to calm yourself down but you find yourself thinking more and more and continuing in a downward spiral.”

Fans of 60’s garage rock will absolutely drool over this new tune from Ian Ferguson. Bringing vocals akin to Ty Segall or The Orwells—from a deep, dark, guttural place that quite easily transforms a tune into a stadium chant—Ian Ferguson is able to instantly bring you in.

The backing vocals take the tune “Worried Walk” from 2019 and places us in the 60’s, where I envision back-up singers in flashy sequined dresses and obnoxiously big hair, that just kind of works.

A high school dropout / musical genius with an intriguing story! Former Kingston Springs vocalist/guitarist started working on his own demos after he accidentally locked himself in his mother’s basement for many hours! Recorded, engineered and mixed it entirely himself, playing all instruments, and vocals, with no formal training, using an old 90s computer (burning up to 16 CDs per song to transfer stem files)

What happens then, is a beautiful and energetic mix of vocals, guitar, drums, and classic rock influences that still live on. “Worried Walk” takes you there, and keeps you there. And, I’m not mad about any of that.

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