Sounds: The Beaches // Desdemona

“What’s it like in your head?”

Toronto-based band The Beaches have taken Othello’s wife and turned it into an empowering, pop-rock track with “Desdemona.” Made up of sisters Jordan and Kylie Miller (on lead vocals/bass and guitar, respectively), Eliza Enman-McDaniel (on drums), and Leandra Earl (on keys and guitar), The Beaches are an all-female group that I personally wished I had during my teenage years (no offense to No Doubt). They rock harder than The Spice Girls every could, but still bring such energy and momentum to a tune, that you can’t help but dance along.

Writing lyrics to the narrative of Othello, they ask “What’s it like in your head,” proving that you can have a catchy-as-hell track that also is lyrically-driven and powerful.

The Beaches have had a whirlwind couple of years accompanying Death From Above on their North American Tour, performing as a supporting act for the Foo Fighters on their Toronto show and most recently having been invited to join Passion Pit on their 10 Year Anniversary Tour. I think that deserves repeating. They are joining Passion Pit on their 10 Year Anniversary Tour.


I’m really happy to have discovered this band amongst our mounds of submissions and honestly can’t wait to see what happens with them and their music down the road. In the meantime, listen to the killer of a tune “Desdemona” …

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