Sounds: Ugly Ghost // Aubrey Plaza

The second the track “Aubrey Plaza” starts, you’re transported to a music festival in the mountains, a full stadium sound engulfing you. Ugly Ghost is made of magic, the way that they can instantly transport you from your apartment in Paris, or your drive home from work in Portland—making music that is unique but also universal.

“Aubrey Plaza” hits you hard, and keeps the momentum going for the full three minutes and 24 seconds, with psychedelic sounds and layers of instrumentals.

The passion project of multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer Jake Perreault (a.k.a. Ugly Ghost) is so DIY it hurts—creating music in an apartment studio in Providence, RI.

Fuzzy guitars, spaced out synths, eccentric song structures, off-beat lyricism, and an eclectic spread of influences give Ugly Ghost its distinct style and sonic personality. Listen to the tune below.

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