Sounds x Video: Anneliese McCarthy // Wild One

I had the pleasure of meeting Anneliese a few months back, where we chatted about our mutual projects—mine being this site and hers being Peachy Productions, a really cool female-focused event/showcase company in NYC. I’ve done the thing I always do, “send me any cool music or things that you have and I’ll post it,” and then took ages to get around to doing it (I swear I’m working on it!)

Her first-ever music video is for the track “Wild One,” which is the product of her collaboration with director Julia Sub. In case you need a refresher on how small this world is, we featured Julia’s Slow Burn event a few months ago, and recently found out they knew each other.

The sound of the track is so fragile but has this undertone of strength and forceful willingness to be free or prove one’s ownership of the heart.” -Julia Sub

Throughout the video, Anneliese is portrayed alone in a dark and mysterious place, but with a sense of power and purpose—bringing forth vintage influences, with a taste of surrealism. Watch the video below.

Photographers – Camelia Azar @camelia.azar & Tennessee Nunez @montanaco

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