Sounds x Weekly Mixtape

This is becoming easily one of my favorite posts to make on Left Bank—a regular mixtape where there are no rules, and I can just put together a consortium of music that has moved me in the past week. This playlist is a little louder than some of the others, as I’ve been feeling angsty and hormonal (sue me) lately. Enjoy x

Magic Shoppe – Candy Flip

The fuzzed-out guitars in Magic Shoppe‘s “Candy Flip” are so moving, that all I want to do is a) buy that big Marshall amp and b) blast this track through it. The Boston-based four-piece brings the reverb with their atmospheric tune “Candy Flip.” The track is a nice mix between garage rock and shoegaze, elements that you hear throughout the tune. And, from the very beginning until the very end, you are transported into their dark world of psychedelia.

Boston has more going for it than baked beans y’all. Let’s throw a Left Bank listening party for when their album Circles comes out in November. Who’s with me?

Azure Blue – Millions of Stars

Welcome to the 80’s friends of the Left Bank. Azure Blue brings us back to the filming of The Wedding Singer with their track “Millions of Stars,” which feels like a love song written in the 1980’s. Having already become one of Sweden’s most prolific indie-pop musicians from his time in the folk-pop group Laurel Music, and fronting the happy-go-lucky collective Irene, Tobias Isaksson decided to launch his future solo success in 2011 with Azure Blue.

You can’t listen to “Millions of Stars” without wanting to put on a really big puffy blue dress, and go to a dance with a guy (or lady) you have the hots for. It makes me believe in love, and fairy tales, and landlines. And, none of those things are bad.

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